● 售價: 每支3850元(未含工資)
● Roll size: 53cm*1000cm(=1.5坪)
● 庫存: 期貨
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Lazy elegance under the Tropics with the ALOHA wallpaper and panoramic collection. We will take you on a voyage to Polynesian or Hawaiian Islands bathed in sunshine where the luxuriant natural surroundings whisper tales of an exotic world...

The ALOHA collection evokes warmth, tranquillity and a return to our roots.

The range of colours is fresh and acidic with shades that are flowery and appetising, warm and sensual… You could be sitting with your feet in the transparent waters of a lagoon, the warm wind caressing your skin with the scents of tropical flowers.


優雅熱帶風情 水彩畫印刷風格

Frises Daisy 水彩畫雛菊花朵寬版腰帶 



Ysalis 水彩畫枝葉 (3色)


Maeva 水彩畫花葉(4色)


Tahia 水彩畫小花(4色)

Stripe 水彩畫條紋(4色)


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